Donate or Make a Payment

CBS tributes are a very easy and popular way to show your expression of honor, memory or just a generous thought toward others in our community.   These contributions are recognized each month in our monthly newsletter, HaKol. Click below to donate or to make a payment. 

Please Specify in the notes section what your payment is for:

1. Dues

2. Tuition

3. Events 

4. Other

5. Donations: (specify which fund you would like to make the donation to)--> 

  • Cantor Emeritus Discretionary Fund
  • Cantor Sam & Mona Greenbaum Concert Fund 
  • Caring & Support Mitzvah Fund
  • Circle of Friends Fund
  • Corinne z'/ & Benjamin Yancon Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Eli & Joanna Berger Endowment Fund
  • Dr. Sidney J. Katz z'/ Tribute Fund for Jewish Education
  • Rose & Ed Gordon z'/ Scholarship Fund for Youth Asistance
  • Eileen & Irven Leider z'/ Kiddush Fund
  • Eleanore and Robert White z'/ Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund
  • Esther Tarnoff Cooper z'/ Jewish Art Education Fund
  • Etz Hayim Ednwoment Fund
  • Evelyn and Manny Ben z'/ Media Fund
  • Hart and Helen Stiebel z'/ Memorial Garden Fund
  • Jeannette Serling z'/ Scholarship Fund
  • Jeannette Tilchin z'/ Memorial Fund
  • Leonard Milstein z'/ Scholarship Fund
  • Lewis and Betty Cohen z'/ Jewish Learning Scholarship Fund
  • Lindsey Ann Shapiro z'/ Memorial Fund
  • Morning Minyan Breakfast Fund
  • Muriel & George Tarnoff z'/ Special Needs Fund
  • Music Fund
  • Paul & Barbara Goodman Education Fund
  • Prayer Book Fund
  • Rabbi Emeritus Discretionary and Outreach Fund
  • Rabbi David & Alicia Nelson Legacy Fund
  • Rabbi Mordechai S. Halpern Library Fund
  • Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
  • Shelter Week Fund
  • Santuary Fund
  • Thelma & Martin Kopel z'/ Fund
  • Zedakah Fund