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2022 Half-Shekel Campaign

Please help this year with a new appeal, the half-shekel campaign, based on an old tradition with roots in ancient Jerusalem.  Everyone, regardless of income, was expected to make an equal contribution of a half-shekel to provide support for the Temple. It was considered a great mitzvah to do so. 

We are asking every household in the Beth Shalom community for our version of a half-shekel, $18.00, and we are hoping for a participation rate of at least 90%. Please help us make this a reality! Your donations will go to the Sanctuary Fund, a fund that supports the general operations of our synagogue. 

During the time the Temple stood in Jerusalem, contributions were made before Purim on the first of Adar. We're going to modify this slightly and ask, if at all possible, for donations to be made between now and Purim (March 17). Donations may be made by check or online

If you are able to contribute an amount beyond $18.00, based on the idea of the T'rumah or voluntary gift, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to your great generosity, we had a very successful High Holiday Appeal! Thank you!  We greatly appreciate your continued support of our congregation during these difficult times.  


Wed, June 19 2024 13 Sivan 5784